Important Covid-19 Update, please read!



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It’s easy to find accommodation for every budget in Prague — from hostels for a few crowns to luxury hotels. We recommend using or

WebExpo Tip: WebExpo attendees can also get a discount if they book at Hotel Leonardo using this special discount link.


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You can download our Eventee conference app for WebExpo to get news and updates directly on your phone.

You can also follow us on social media for our latest news and announcements:

Twitter: @webexpo
WebExpo Facebook
WebExpo 2021 Facebook Event
Instagram: @WebExpo

Don’t forget to add the hashtag #webexpo to your posts!


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If you’re joining us early, you can register on Monday at the Warm-up party Swim Club (Štěpánská 36, Prague 1) from 8 PM.

The main registration will start on Tuesday, September 21st from 7:00 AM in the Lucerna Passage.

All attendees will receive an email with a QR code, which you should bring with you. Don’t worry if you don’t have it on your mobile phone — we can also look you up in our system.

There will be 4 registration points, and you can choose to register at any of them with one of our 8 WebExpo hostesses. In addition to your conference badge, they’ll also be handing out a cake or a delicious yogurt from Freshland!

Arriving later in the day? Please register at Infopoint 1 in the Lucerna Great Hall.

COVID-19 Safety Measures — What Do I Need to Know?

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After everything we lived through last year, it's time for all of us to enjoy WebExpo 2021 together in the safest way possible. That’s why we are implementing a few easy-to-follow and highly effective measures that apply to all attendees, speakers, and staff.

We kindly ask you to:

  • Show your certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 (at least 2 weeks after the second dose according to government requirements))
    OR show a valid negative Covid-19 test (antigen tests are valid for 72 hours and PCR tests for 7 days)
    OR show evidence of having contracted Covid-19 in the last 180 days, but no less than 11 days prior to arriving at WebExpo.
  • Wear a respirator or a facemask with nano-technology indoors.

Thank you very much for your understanding! #StrongerTogether

Is WebExpo taking place in-person or virtually this year?

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WebExpo 2021 is a hybrid event meaning that you can attend in person or join us remotely from wherever you are in the world. If you are planning to attend virtually, you can find the live stream of talks and other useful networking features in our mobile app Eventee. A desktop version is also available so you can stream talks right in your browser on your computer.


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We’ll be kicking off WebExpo at 9AM with a welcome from our director, Šárka Štrossová, an opening keynote from Chris Umé about creating hyper-real videos at Metaphysic, and of course, a surprise you won’t want to miss. And when we say 9 AM, we mean it. Not a minute later.

Registration on Tuesday, September 21st will start at 7:00 AM. So, make sure you get there on time, grab breakfast and relax in the networking areas before the conference officially opens at 9:00 AM in the Lucerna Great Hall.


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All lecture halls are located in the Lucerna Palace at Štěpánská 61, 116 02 Prague 1 (view map). If you are attending virtually this year, all talks will be streamed on our mobile or desktop app Eventee.

Lecture halls: Talks will take place in the Lucerna Great Hall, Lucerna Cinema and Marble Hall, roundtable discussions in the Lucerna Gallery, mentor hours in the Lucerna Passage, and workshops for kids in the Apify offices (the entrance is through Lucerna Gallery).

WebExpo Tip: Where’s the best place to meet up with friends? Make sure you check out our networking areas in the Lucerna Gallery and Lucerna Café.


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Of course! On Tuesday and Wednesday, free workshops will take place in the Marble Hall.

And on Thursday, we’ve organized premium workshops to deepen your professional knowledge and learn new skills from top speakers from around the world. You can look forward to full-day workshops from Vitaly Friedman, Harry Roberts and Eric Reiss.


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Yes, WebExpo welcomes attendees of all ages! This year, there will be activities for kids taking place throughout the day near the lecture halls in the Apify office (the entrance is through Lucerna Gallery). At the same spot, there will be a Parents' Coffee Lounge for parents with babies and toddlers, where parents can rest and talk over a cup of coffee.

For older children, there will be free programming courses organized by Apify. They’ll learn about 3D printing, enjoy LEGO BOOST, and have fun with Ozobots! Check the program and reserve a place for your child today!

WebExpo Tip: Adults are also welcome to attend these courses :)


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At Tuesday’s registration, you’ll get a tasty cake or yogurt from Freshland and coffee from Doubleshot. On Wednesday, we’ll be handing out sandwiches from Café Jen in the Lucerna Passage.

WebExpo Tip: The avocado sandwich from Café Jen is one of our favorites!

You can always count on WebExpo to keep you well-fed and hydrated! Water and hot drinks from Doubleshot and LMC Tea Room will be available all day. And of course, don’t forget to stop by the food stand in the Lucerna Passage! You can try everything from quiche and salads to soup and some sweet delight. You can also order a burrito or baguette at our Info Points.

WebExpo Tip: Want to go out to eat near Lucerna? Check out the WebExpo Foursquare map for recommendations.


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Don’t worry! Come hang out in our networking spots in the Lucerna Gallery and Lucerna Café. You can use the networking feature à la Tinder in our conference app Eventee — swipe right to match, start chatting with other attendees, and set up a meeting or jump on a virtual call. You’ll also find common ground at our partner stands with both exhibitors and other participants.

Or enter one of our two WebExpo competitions:

Total Eclipse Of The Dart
Want to win some prizes and squeeze in some physical activity at the same time?
Come to the Dart Corner! You’ll get 3 chances to try and hit as many points as you can on our special rotating target.

Ultimate Punchlines
Are you a joke expert that knows how to give punchlines some extra flair?
This year at WebExpo, we’ll be posting two jokes without a punchline every day — and you can create the best punchline to win.

Here’s how it works:

  • Jokes will be posted at 9:45 AM and 12:45 PM.
  • You can enter a punchline by replying to the joke posts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You’ll have until 4 PM to submit your final punchlines.
  • Winners will be announced around 4:30PM so they can claim their joke-inspired prize!

WebExpo Tip: And if none of the above worked? You’ll definitely come out of your shell at one of our WebExpo parties.


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The night is still young! Go out for a drink with speakers and WebExpo attendees. But beware — our parties have been known to continue until the next day!

Warm-up Party Facebook event
When? Monday, September 20th from 8:00 PM
Where? Swim Club, Štěpánská 36, Prague 1 - view map

Tuesday Party Facebook event
When? Tuesday, September 21st from 7:00 PM
Where? RETRO Music & Cocktail bar (not Retro Music Hall), Francouzská 75/4, Prague 2 - view map

After Party Facebook event
When? Wednesday, September 21st from 6:15 PM
Where? DUPLEX, Václavské náměstí 21, Prague 1 - view map


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Relax zone
Where? Lucerna Great Hall (on the same floor as the auditorium).
What’s there? Watch silent cinema brought to you by Showmax, complete with popcorn and comfy bean bag chairs. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of your movie favorites like Lebo M and Skemerdans!

Thai massage
Where? Lucerna Great Hall, room number 14 (behind the stage on the middle floor).
What’s there? 15 minutes of heaven for your back and neck. Two Thai masseuses will be helping participants get rid of their stiff muscles. While you wait in line, you’ll also learn a few Thai words and fun facts about the land of pad thai.

Silent Zone
Where? Lucerna Great Hall (on the second balcony).
What’s there? Silence :-) You can write your emails in peace and listen to talks with one ear.


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In the Lucerna Great Hall, you will find the Wall of Fame and the Wall of Fail. Throughout the conference, we will be continuously reading what you like and what to improve — and if there are any mistakes, we will fix them ASAP!

Want to share your feedback and insights on social media? Please add our official #webexpo hashtag to your posts so we can see what you share. We love sharing positive feedback and solving problems as quickly as possible!

You can also rate our performance and each of the WebExpo talks in our mobile app, or in the feedback forms that we send after the conference.


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