1 weekend, over 1,400 on-line professionals, presentations, workshops and lots of fun.

WebExpo is the largest conference in Central Europe for anyone whose business relates to the internet and who’d want to keep up-to-date. It brings together over 1,400 online experts from around the world who to share their unique opinions and experience from their respective fields. This year’s programme was put together by leading Czech online experts, which means you can look forward to discussions of current topics that make and break the online world. WebExpo will take place in the very centre of Prague this year. Networking, panel discussions, presentations and workshops will be held at 7 venues, all in short walking distance from each other.

~80 presentations
40 hours of panels
Hands-on workshops

Speakers and Presentations


Marko Dugonjić (HR)

Responsive Web Typography


Mark Ethan Trostler (USA)


SOLID JavaScript: Designing your JavaScript application for Testability


James Waldrop (USA)


Web Performance Testing at Scale


Yonathan Dominitz (MPZ)


Creative thinking tools in innovation and problem solving


David Whittle (EN)


Agile User Research at Spotify


Jane Austin (EN)

The Telegraph

Tales from The Telegraph


Marcin Wichary (USA)


The allure and danger of web craftmanship.

  • Josh Emerson

    Responsive Games: What it takes to make in-browser games that work on any device

  • Martin Hawksey

    Martin Hawksey

    Breaking the cell: Using Google Apps Script and Sheets for social network data mining and analysis

  • Tomáš Hála

    Tomáš Hála

  • Catalin Ionut Fratila

    Catalin Ionut Fratila

    Building Node.js applications for Microsoft Azure cloud

  • Miloš Čermák

    Miloš Čermák

  • Daniel Bagge

    Daniel Bagge

  • Ilona Filipi

    Ilona Filipi

    Get contracts abroad step by step

  • Ming Lee

    Ming Lee

    Start user research today!

  • Jörg Schatzmann

    Jörg Schatzmann

    Of things that think and why we gotta lose control

  • Johanna Kollmann

    Johanna Kollmann

    Customer Insights for Product Strategy

  • Florian Gulden

    Florian Gulden

    It’s not just about car HMIs - it is about an experience

  • Colin Charles

    Colin Charles

    Alternatives to MySQL

  • Atanas Youroukov

    Why you should consider Go as primary language for you next project?

  • Peter Otto

    Peter Otto

    Product Designer / Owner / Manager How to master the transition

  • Nik Page

    Invisible Intelligent Ubiquitous Banking: The Future of Interface Design in Banking (and Most Other B-2-C Relationships)

  • Sonya Sokolova

    Sonya Sokolova

    How Digital Media Change Human Behaviour

  • Sophie Freiermuth

    How to have a great working team, whether its members are anywhere in the world

  • Vincent van Scherpenseel

    Opportunities and Possibilities of Transactional Emails

  • Marek Prchal

    Marek Prchal

    About My Experiences from ANO’s Campaigning

  • Matěj Kvočera

    Matěj Kvočera

  • Petr Chytil

    Petr Chytil

    Fast data delivery from clouds - a strong weapon in the anti-virus arms race

  • Michal Matuška

    Michal Matuška

  • Pavel Kučera

    Pavel Kučera

    It is all about data

  • Pavel Chocholouš

    Medium data (Avoiding big data in BI)

  • Tomáš Sedláček

    Tomáš Sedláček

  • Pavel Vrba

    Pavel Vrba

    Startups Within Corporations

  • Adam Hrubý

    Adam Hrubý

    Inception design

  • Lukáš Pitter

    Lukáš Pitter

    What with the tenders

  • Štěpán Bechynský, Michael Jurek

    Learn How-to use scrum backlogs, source code control, code review, automatic build, continuous deployment and stress test in 40 minutes

  • Samuel Hapák

    Samuel Hapák

  • Petr Brzek

    Petr Brzek

    Native Applications in HTML5 - What’s The Deal?

  • Michal Buzek

    Michal Buzek

  • Michal Augustýn

    Michal Augustýn

    PostgreSQL As Big Data Solution

  • Tomáš Holas

    Tomáš Holas

    Grunt vs. Gulp: Evoluce build systémů

  • Frederic Gailard

    Frederic Gailard

    Return on investment in UX

  • Per Thorsheim

    Per Thorsheim

  • Jakub Janeček

    Jakub Janeček

    Massively Scalable Services at AVAST - Case Study

  • Tomáš Janů

    Be Global, Think Local – How to Increase Conversions by 400% Using a Local E-commerce Approach

  • Tomáš Pflanzer, Eva Králová

    Tomáš Pflanzer, Eva Králová

    Connected Life 2014

  • Pavel Šrámek, Jan Širmer

    Pavel Šrámek, Jan Širmer

    Web-based Threat

  • Pavel Zima

    Pavel Zima

    A Job or a Hobby?

  • Wolf Brüning

    Wolf Brüning

    How to build the perfect pattern library

  • Michal Pěchouček

    Building Leading Edge R&D; from the Cognitive Security Startup Environment: Opportunities & Challenges

  • Michal Kročil

    Michal Kročil

    Credit Risk Management in the 21st Century.

  • Martin Ruman

    Martin Ruman

    Employee Experience

  • Filip Doušek

    Filip Doušek

    How Big Data Changes the World

  • Vojtěch Houška

    Vojtěch Houška

  • Borek Bernard

    Borek Bernard

    Experiences from Developing VersionPress

  • Marek Raida

    Marek Raida

    Do Not Be Afraid of SVG

  • Roman Appeltauer

    Roman Appeltauer

    Web Analytics a Customer Journeys

  • Jan Sechovec

    Jan Sechovec

    Banking Web APIs and Their Security

  • Petr Ocásek

    Petr Ocásek

  • Stanislav Hacker

    Stanislav Hacker

  • Pavel Ungr

    Pavel Ungr

    Wordpress As a Speedy Solution for an Online Presentation in 30 Minutes

  • Pavel Šuk, Martin Ryzl, Michal Pěchouček a další

    Discussion of experienced IT managers: current trends, project and people management

  • Zdeněk Lanc

    Zdeněk Lanc

    What is the future of television?

  • Bára Buhnová

    When Quality Matters - Templates and Strategies for Proposals, How to Keep Quality Under Control

  • Petr Ludwig

    Petr Ludwig

    Personal Development: Bullshit vs. Science

  • Filip Ambrož, Miloš Kriššák

    Filip Ambrož, Miloš Kriššák

  • Frank Strzyzewski

    Advanced E-Mail Marketing - Using Frequency Optimization and Recommendation Technology to Drive Newsletter Response Rates

  • Adam Reinberger

    Adam Reinberger

    The best of internet video

  • Lukáš Hurych

    Lukáš Hurych

    How to recognise faults in the shopping process of e-shops

  • Karel Smutný

    Karel Smutný

    I Declare War on Technical Debt

  • Petr Douša

    Petr Douša

  • Jan Řezáč

    Jan Řezáč

    Razor-sharp Web

  • Daniel Steigerwald

    Daniel Steigerwald

    Isomorphic Web Apps

  • Max Scheugl

    Max Scheugl

    User Testing for Mobile

  • Berka Leos Stybnar

    Berka Leos Stybnar

    How To Implement a Huge Change

  • Michal Andera

    How Does a Founder’s Personality Affect the Performance of a Technology Company? (Presentation of a science thesis.)

Topics we’ll deal with this year

Board Of Expert Advisors

  • Josef Šlerka

  • Petr Hromádko

  • Filip Hráček

  • Luboš Plotěný

  • Michal Špaček

  • Tomáš Srnka

  • Adam Marčan

  • Riki Fridrich

  • Vojta Roček

  • Seznam.cz

  • Petr Kosnar

  • Karel Novotný

  • Jan Šrůtek

  • Jiří Knesl

  • Jan Řezáč

  • Martin Michálek

  • Source

  • Robin Pokorný

  • Tomáš Hajzler

  • Testomato

  • Michal Šrajer

  • Refresh

  • Petr Knobloch

  • Jirka Mžourek

  • Vítek Ježek

  • UX asociace

  • … and more.

Warm-up party

Closing party

7 Venues

All in close proximity with NFC you’ll always know what’s happening.
  • Kino Lucerna
  • Kino Lucerna

    Vodičkova 704/36
    110 00 Praha 1
  • Kino Světozor
  • Kino Světozor

    Vodičkova 41
    110 00 Praha 1
  • Divadlo Bez zábradlí
  • Divadlo Bez zábradlí

    Jungmannova 31
    110 01 Praha 1
  • Era svět
  • Era svět

    Jungmannovo náměstí 767
    110 00 Praha 1
  • CEVRO Institut
  • CEVRO Institut

    Jungmannova 17
    110 00 Praha 1
  • Wayra
  • Wayra

    Václavské náměstí 3
    110 00 Praha 1
  • Česká spořitelna
  • Česká spořitelna

    Rytířská 29
    110 00 Praha 1
Kino Lucerna
Kino Světozor
Divadlo Bez zábradlí
Era svět
CEVRO Institut
Česká spořitelna
© Mapy.cz


Why is there no lunch included this year?

Yes, let’s talk about that. Always start with the most important questions, right? Lunch used to be included in prize of the ticket in the past, but this year it won’t be. That allows us to set admission price much lower. Don’t panic yet, though. We’ll have food trucks by Dish and Chefparade parked nearby, as well as the Sushiqueen and Bistrouska stands. Plus great coffee from Doubleshot and maybe a couple more surprises in nearby restaurants. And those who can’t be really bothered with food, can fully focus their attention on the programme. Everyone can simply do whatever they feel like at any given moment.

Why is the ticket almost half the price than last year?

Of course, nobody ever asks this question. But we wanted to put it in here, just to amuse ourselves. There’s a couple reasons why the tickets are cheaper this year. First of all, we saved a fortune on catering. And we wanted to make WebExpo more affordable to even more visitors so that not just people from corporations could attend.

Why seven different venues?

We wanted to give WebExpo this year a different kind of atmosphere. WebExpo should be an event where a large part of the internet community from all over Central Europe meets. We do not organize the conference only so a couple hundred pros can share their knowledge and expand their horizons. We would like to create a space for inspiring conversations, meetings, cooperation and friendship. Therefore, we have divided WebExpo into several venues which will be adapted for different purposes. In some places we will attend workshops, in others we will talk and still somewhere else we will just meet over coffee. Moreover, we have conveyed an advanced study and found that a three-minute walk never ever kill anyone.

What are the differences between venues?

We have not picked seven various places by accident. Venues differ from each other. But not by topic, as you might expect.

Lucerna will be host to the “big heavy keynote presentations” International speakers will be interpreted, so do not be afraid to attend even if your English is far from perfect.

In Světozor, we’ll have a lot of panel discussions and controversial topics will be handled.

Bez Zábradlí Theatre will host hands-on lectures and workshops.

In Česká Spořitelna and Cevro Institute, we will address topics in smaller groups (in WebExpo lore that means up to 100 visitors).

Era svět will be a resting area where you will find courses by Naučmese (Let‘sLearn) and a spot to sit down with great coffee.

Wayra will host the Startup Stage on Wenceslas Square (Václavském náměstí).

I heard something about board of experts, what is it?

It’s humans. That’s very important to point out. They are the most experienced pros we have found in their respective fields and they put their expertise to good use in supervising the respective parts of the programme. They helped us chose the speakers for individual topics, worked on their talks with them and so are not only responsible for the quality of their part of the programme, but also the individual speaker’s presentations.

Will everything be in English again this year?

At least half of the presentations will be held in Czech and, in addition, the keynote speakers at Lucerna will be interpreted into Czech. Nothing to worry about.

How am I supposed to navigate the programme? There’s so much going on!

Yes, the programme is really rich. Nevertheless, we will help you to compile your very own selection. If you get stuck in selecting what to attend or some presentations you deem crucial to you overlap, let us know. You can also find tips about inspiring presentations, courses, panels and workshops on our Facebook page and Twitter.

If I can’t attend, is there any chance to watch presentations later online?

We will record all the presentations, so you should be able to watch it later.

Can I get a discount?

We offer a group discount. If you attend as a group of 4 or more people, you will receive a 20% discount. That’s something, isn’t it?

Will you help me find accommodation, since I’m not from Prague?

Unfortunately, we cannot arrange accommodation for you, but we’d love to recommend you a hostel we have good experience with: Mozaic House Hostel. It’s where our speakers will be staying as well. It’s right next to the Charles Square (Karlovo náměstí) and it‘s very affordable.

What about parties? Will there be any?

We thought this would be your first question. Yes, there will be parties – we’ll do both, a Warm-up party and also an After party. Soon you’ll learn more about them on our website. Meanwhile, book Friday and Sunday evenings in your calendar.


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