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The Web Is Your New OS

TUE 21.9.
14:00 - 14:40
Lucerna Great Hall
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The Web is evolving into a universal application platform. More and more, anything you can do in a native application, you can do on the Web. And your web application can run on any device with a modern browser! We'll take a whirlwind tour of new web APIs from the Filesystem API to Bluetooth, geolocation, contacts access, and face recognition. We'll conclude with a look at how Web Audio and WebAssembly are enabling an abundance of new collaborative music creation apps.

Ben Morss

Lead Developer Advocate @ Google

Ben is a Developer Advocate at Google, where he’s working to help the Web be faster and more beautiful. Prior to Google, he worked at the New York Times and AOL, and before that he was a full-time musician. He earned a BA in Computer Science at Harvard and a PhD in Music at the University of California. Rumor is that he still runs a band called Ancient Babies.


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