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The keys to effective service design

THU 23.9.
09:30 - 17:30
Aspira Business Centre (ground floor), Bucharova 14a, Prague 13
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Service design combines key elements from user-experience design, interaction design, and quality management to create long-term value. In this full-day workshop, we’ll review the key elements of each of these disciplines and how they work together to raise customer satisfaction, increase conversions, and enhance key events along the customer journey.

In many ways, the pandemic has raised the general awareness of service design in many unforeseen ways. In fact, even some worldwide brands have yet to fully understand how their online and offline activities affect each other – in ways, which when coordinated sensibly, provide greater value and satisfaction for the customer. And this ultimately improves the bottom line.

The workshop is only available for participants who attend on-site.


- How service design relates to user experience
- How you can create value even with a small budget
- How you can move projects from subjective guesswork to measurable success
- How you can inspire teams and service providers through inclusivity
- How you can get the most out of service-design tools including:
             o User-centered-design basics (UCD)
             o Touchpoint analyses
             o Customer journey maps
             o Use cases
             o User scenarios
             o Storyboards
             o Personas
             o Proof of concept / performance metrics

And finally, you’ll learn how to choose the best tools and techniques to combine for different projects in order to create a service-design blueprint that truly helps create a shared frame of reference for your team, provide overview, and pinpoint problems waiting for an innovative service solution!

This will only be available for conference participants who attend on-site. Our goal is to help you internalize the key features of service design so you can provide greater value for your employer, team, and clients from the very next day. Depending on the uncertain factors regarding the pandemic and our ability to do group work, there may be one or more simple homework assignments (about 45 minutes in all) that should be carried out prior to the workshop.


The day has been geared to designers and UX professionals who want to take their skills to the next level to create truly valuable omnichannel experiences.

Lucerna Great Hall

Eric Reiss

CEO @ FatDUX Group

Eric has held a wide range of eclectic jobs: piano player (in a house of ill-repute), senior copywriter (in an ad-house of ill-repute), player-piano repairman, adventure-game creator, and stage director. His experiences have served him admirably as an information architect, although he can’t explain exactly how.

Eric has been actively and successfully involved in service-design projects since 1985. He was part of the team that made Scandinavian Airlines “Airline of the Year” in 1985. And a few years later, he worked with British Airways to accomplish the same thing following their privatization. Later, his service design techniques were used to train over 3500 civil servants
throughout the European Community.

In more mundane lives, Eric has been a two-term president of the Information Architecture Institute and Professor of Usability and Design at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Today, Eric is CEO of the FatDUX Group in Copenhagen, Denmark. He also has several books to his credit.


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