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The hardest things about switching from on-premises infrastructure to a public cloud

TUE 21.9.
10:00 - 10:40
Lucerna Cinema
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Bold vision and thinking big also bring challenges when it comes to execution — and like any journey, it starts with a decision. For Heureka Group, the big decision was to move their stable, functional app, used by millions of people a month, from their on-premise servers into a public cloud environment. When they started looking for frank, non-consultancy-driven advice and experience, they discovered there’s not much out there (surprise, surprise). Come listen to an authentic story about the real steps needed to become an international platform. Lukáš will share Heureka’s ups and downs and practical advice about gaining the hard skills and mindsets to make this transformation happen.

Lukáš Putna

CTO @ Heureka

Lukáš is a CTO at Heureka, unifying the technological direction with the product vision of Heureka. He is a strong supporter of agile methodologies with an emphasis on independent development teams, which he leads in this way.


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