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Oh My Robot - Designing Emotional Connection between Users and their Robots

Have you realized how happy it makes you feel to come back home and see your beloved vacuum cleaning robot resting in its docking station after cleaning your house?
We are increasingly being surrounded by more and more robots and with that so do our emotions to them deepen. 

Mediation and matchmaking between the device and robot to their user is of great necessity in our world today, as these robots become an integral part of our lives and will continue to effect us in many ways in the future.

Hadar Maximov

Lead UX designer @ Amdocs’ XDC

Hadar is a Lead UX designer at Amdocs’ XDC, a global corporation specializing in the telco industry. Prior to that, she worked as Head of UX at a software hub where she led a wide range of projects in the fields of IoT, healthcare, insurance, and e-commerce, amongst others.

She is also a leading member of ‘WE - Women Experience’, the biggest woman UX community in Israel.