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WED 22.9.
13:00 - 13:40
Lucerna Cinema
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Have you ever realized how happy you feel when you get home and see your beloved robot vacuum resting in its docking station after cleaning your house? We are increasingly surrounded by more and more robots, and as we become more reliant on them—our emotions towards them will deepen.

Mediation and matchmaking between the device and robot to their user is a necessity in our world today. And as robots become an integral part of our daily lives, they will continue to affect us in many ways in the future. 

Hadar Maximov

Head of UX @

Hadar specializes in emotional design and human-machine interactions. During her career, she has led a diverse range of projects and teams within the technology ecosystem, covering IoT, healthcare, and telecom.

Today, Hadar is the Head of UX at, an HR-tech start-up leveraging AI and ML to optimize HR processes and upskill employees for the jobs of the future. She is committed to ensuring digital transformation, AI in particular, serves people rather than threatening their livelihood.

Until 2020, Hadar was a leading member of "WE" - Women Experience. These days, she is still part of the community and mentors women in User Experience to help them level up their career growth and maximize their professional potential.


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