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WED 22.9.
11:00 - 11:40
Lucerna Great Hall
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Wait! Not so fast - Stop scrolling and hang out with me for a while. 
When crafted with intent, scroll-triggered animations can add polish to a site, and make online storytelling feel more immersive, but they can be easily misused or overused.
Let’s take a look at scroll-based animation together.
We'll dig into the Intersection Observer API, the upcoming CSS Scroll-linked animations spec, and GreenSock's ScrollTrigger – but more importantly, how to create responsible animations that evoke delight rather than frustration.

Cassie Evans

Lead bestower of animation superpowers @ GreenSock

Cassie is a creative developer with a background in graphic design and motion design.
She got started with coding back in the days of Myspace and Neopets and is on a mission to make the web more whimsical again.
She’s a massive SVG nerd, owner of the world's most clacky keyboard, and the lead bestower of animation superpowers at Greensock.


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