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Humans replaced by machines? Story of automatic video processing.

SlidesLive is using machine learning to automatically edit videos. Thousands of presentations are transcribed, categorized and recommended to our users thanks to neural networks. Days of manual labour reduced to minutes. What are the lessons learned? What challenges did we face? And will we replace humans with machines? Honest story of our failures and successes.

Vojta Ciml

Co-founder and CEO @ SlidesLive

Vojta is Co-founder and CEO of SlidesLive. Start up with vision to record every conference and presentation in the world. We have recorded and streamed over 20,000 presentations across the globe.

SlidesLive now has corporate offices in Prague, Munich and New York City. Our customers are academic institutions such as Columbia University, and tech companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Adobe.

In his free time, Vojta likes to play with LEGO. He is also an avid fan of Astronomy and Space Exploration.