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How to scrape the web of tomorrow

TUE 21.9.
16:00 - 16:20
Lucerna Cinema
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NOTE: Live Q&A will take place here:

Web scraping has changed and a plain HTTP request with an HTML parser won't get you far anymore. Let Ondra take you on a journey of the latest tech that his team uses every day for web scraping. Headless browsers, fingerprints, generated headers, residential proxies, mobile app traffic monitoring, and other tools can mean the difference between scraping 10 pages and 10 million pages. And don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal.

Ondra Urban

Head of Delivery Engineering @ Apify

Ondra may be a hacker of the browser age, but that doesn‘t mean he crashes systems, steals personal data, or trades secrets. Instead, he specializes in extracting terabytes of publicly available data and translating them into a language that machines can understand. At Apify, Ondra leads a team of fellow hackers that helps grow their open source projects, breaks anti-scraping walls, and dabbles in AI.


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