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From Surreal to Hyperreal: How synthetic media is driving a creative revolution.

TUE 21.9.
09:15 - 09:45
Lucerna Great Hall
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World-leading deepfake artist and Metaphysic co-founder Chris Ume pulls back the curtain on his process of creating hyperrealistic synthetic media and shares his vision for realising the medium’s immense creative potential ethically and responsibly.

Chris Umé

Co-Founder @

Chris Ume is co-founder of Metaphysic, and is widely recognized as the world expert in the emerging field of hyper-real videos. Since 2018, Ume’s work has blended a mastery of VFX techniques with evolving AI models. Prior to launching Metaphysic, Ume was a lead creator on South Park’s Sassy Justice series. His commercial productions also include a Gillette throwback ad, Belgian football national ad and more. He first gained notoriety with his DeepTomCruise viral videos, which have been seen over 70M times on TikTok. 


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