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Fast & Furious - Going headless with Nuxt.js!

This will be fast & furious! I will show you the fastest possible way to connect your Nuxt.js (Vue.js) project to the headless CMS and deploy it in seconds. You should know a thing or two about Nuxt.js, headless CMS in general or JAMstack as there will be no time to describe the concepts in detail. In the end, you will be furious how insanely good the JAMstack is!

Samuel Snopko

Head of Developer Relations @ Storyblok

Creative FrontEnd Knight & DesignOps enthusiast with a passion for JAMStack and beautiful web. He found himself in love with CSS & Vue & Nuxt and after a long search in world of headless CMSs he discovered Storyblok. He advocated in its name and he joined the company in 2020 as head of the developer relationships. Now, some people call him - Mr.Storyblok.