Welcome to the Heart of Europe Experience Prague

Visit the unforgettable sights in Prague city centre with its unique architecture from the medieval age to art nouveau. Prague is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992.

Enjoy a beer (or two) in the country of the best beer in the world. Choose from international famous brands or try a special flavour produced by one of the hundred local breweries.

Clubs, pubs, restaurants and cafes… Prague offers you more than you can expect. Use free WiFi at dozens of locations.

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Coming to Prague

Public Transportation

Prague is a destination of many direct railroad and bus lines from all neighbouring countries.

For information about the connections to Prague, please look at the idos.cz (and select English in the right bottom corner).

From the main train and bus station we recommend using the public transport system or taxi to get to the conference venue or hotel as explained above.

By Car

Prague is relatively close by car from the majority of Central European cities. Enjoy an easy and beautiful ride from Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia or Hungary.

Within 2 to 7 hours you'll be here. As easy as that.

By Air

A number of airlines offer direct (and cheap) flights to Prague (PRG) from most of the larger European cities.

Check-out the available flights using skyscanner.net

A taxi ride from the airport to the conference venue or the hotel should cost up to 650 CZK / 27 €). See the price estimate.

Public transport from the airport to Prague city is available. Both bus lines 119 and AE (Airport Express) go to Dejvická metro station (line A). This ride takes about 20 minutes.

Travel through the City

Public Transportation

The MHD in Prague has a good reputation for the density of the lines and it’s reach to the all of the city districts.

  • 3 lines of metro (line A, B and C; operating until midnight)
  • Tram lines (numbers 1 to 26 until midnight, 50 to 59 during the night)
  • Bus lines (numbers 100 to 300 until midnight, 500–510 during the night)

By Car

You can buy public transport tickets using the ticket vending mashines in each metro station (save some coins!) or in most tobacco shops (called tabak or trafika). Make sure to buy a ticket, the inspectors are unforgiving!

Basic: 32 CZK / 1.3 EUR
90 min with changes

Short-term: 24 CZK / 1 EUR
30 min with changes

1-day: 110 CZK / 4.5 EUR
(best for 4+ rides per day)
3-days: 310 CZK / 12.5 EUR

We recommend Tick Tack Taxi. Call nonstop +420 721 300 300. Payment cards accepted. WiFi and plug in a car!

You can find the exact schedule of all Prague's public transport lines on DPP website