Networking is a Game

BECOME the Networ_King!

Networking is as easy as a game – play it well and you can achieve much more: contacts, soft-skills, even a prize and fame

Get in touch with people, socialize and scan the QR codes from business cards and ID tags

Save your contacts to your WebExpo profile by opening the URL in the QR code.

Save notes to the contacts so you won't lose context after the conference is over

Share your business cards and collect all the great shiny badges

You can get a badge if you exchange your business card with another participant of conference and each of you will scan QR code and save the contact.

  • Networker Step out into the world of the big boys of networking.
  • Magician Hook up with your brothers.
  • Priest The bigger brotherhood, the better.
  • Speaker Hunter Touch the stars in the sky.
  • Guru How about gathering an army?
  • Prince/Princess Drift along the waves of networking.
  • King/Queen Why don't you go ahead and collect 35 contacts since it's easy as pie!
  • God/Goddess Transcend to God's power.
  • Cimrman He's somewhere out there, moving among us and nobody knows who he is. He can be anyone, at any time, anywhere.

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