Code Reviews with Phabricator

“What's the value of code reviews and how you can do them in Phabricator.”

Development Hall 40 min

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  • What is the talk about?

    Jakub: Software engineers at Facebook can read and change all the code Facebook has since the first day at work. It is possible because all the new code is reviewed before it gets pushed to the shared repository and to the production servers. No matter if you are a n00b or a pro, every piece of code is checked by at least two people - author and reviewer.

    Facebook developed its own tool for reviewing the code but open-sourced it. The tool is named Phabricator and it is now actively developed outside Facebook and it is used also by other companies such as Quora, DropBox or Disqus.

  • Who is it for?

    Jakub: I've spent about a year in Facebook working on Phabricator and I've participated on over a thousand code reviews.

  • What will the audience get from it?

    Jakub: I want to show Phabricator, its essential components for doing code reviews, browsing the code, managing tasks and also its command line interface.

    I also want to talk about code reviews in general, their impact on code quality and speed of development. I plan to briefly compare Phabricator with other means for doing code reviews, especially pull requests on GitHub.

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