Code Reviews FTW!

“What did we learn after 1½ year of practicing code reviews in several teams.”

Development Hall 20 min

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  • What is the talk about?

    David: About a year and half ago, we started to use code reviews in several teams in SUSE. What experience did we gain and what benefits do we see? How does a good review look like? What should a reviewer focus at and what should he/she avoid? And do code reviews make sense for you? We will try to answer all these questions.

  • Who is it for?

    David: For any developer who cares about quality of the codebase he/she is working on and who likes criticizing other people's code :-) Also for any manager leading a team of such developers.

  • What will the audience get from it?

    David: Attendees will get insight into how code reviews improve the development process and code quality. After the talk, they will be able to implement them in their own company (and avoid common pitfalls when doing so).

  • What do you presently work at?

    David: I lead a team of developers at SUSE who write a tool to convert a large codebase from YCP (a legacy language) to Ruby.

  • Which of your existing achievements do you value the most?

    David: That I established a course on writing clean & maintainable code at my alma mater and personally tought this skill to many students.

    That I created PEG.js, an open source parser generator for JavaScript, and that people use it.

  • What would you like to achieve?

    David: To understand the world more deeply and to change it to the better at least a bit by writing software.

  • What do you look forward to at the WebExpo?

    David: The ususal stuff — informative & inspirational talks and meeting interesting people.

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David Majda

Senior Software Engineer SUSE