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Honza Mayer

Honza Mayer

Managing Director of CZ/SK

Heureka Group


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16:40 - 19:00
Lucerna Gallery

Knock off drinks: Meet & greet Heureka Group


Have you ever tasted Slovenian Lasko or Hungarian Unicum? How about Wolt or Lucky Bastard? Do they not seem connected to Heureka Group? They are! Come and meet with the Heureka Devs (based in Prague and in Liberec, Brno, Plzeň, Ljubljana or Budapest).

Come and get ready for your Friday party after the talks. We can chat not only about tech stuff while tasting different beers and liqueurs.

Also coming along from Heureka, you will be able to meet:

Martin Krištof  - Team Lead Developer
Martin is a fullstack Javascript developer specializing in React. He also deals with frontend and QA. Martin likes sports, good music, and food.

Trang Do - Tech Community Manager

Cheerleader of HeurekaDevs community, creative head, occasional writer. Started drinking beer a month ago. 

Martina Makovska – Scrum Lady
As Scrum Lady, Martina takes care of two development teams. She enjoys working with people, processes, all sorts of hacks and analyses. She enjoys every little thing she can learn.

Romana Trusinová, Group Head of Research 
Romča is in charge of user research. This means that most of the time she observes or asks the right questions or looks at the data. She loves when understanding of needs of all involved parties helps teams build great products.

Tomáš Hylský - Software Developer
Tomáš is a frontend developer at Heureka Group. He is currently building a new administration system for the whole Heureka Group with his team. He enjoys Javascript. He spends his free time playing computer games and trading currency pairs.

Jan “Banán” Herbrich - Product Head of Account Tribe
Honza, aka “Banán” is the company’s youngest Product Head, taking care of user accounts and payments. When he is not going through data or building MVPs he probably daydreams of being an Asian Elon Musk.

Honza Mayer

Honza started his career programming components for satellites before diving into data analytics and Power BI training. Honza has extensive experience in running a profitable ecommerce company from Dataweps, a firm he founded and led for many years until its successful exit last year. He now works for HeurekaGroup, the company that acquired Dataweps, where he works as the Manage Director of the CZ/SK market.


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