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Honza Mayer

Honza Mayer

Managing Director of CZ/SK

Heureka Group


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16:00 - 16:40
Lucerna Cinema

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The biggest screw up of my life: How I recruited a global star to my company #cultureclash

Three years ago, Honza was running a 45-employee company, specialising in building SaaS tools for the largest eshops in the Czech Republic and across Central and Eastern Europe. It was growing, they worked hard, and they were thriving. 

Then, he got a huge opportunity: The chance to hire a guy who was returning to the Czech Republic after working for 10 years abroad building successful companies and helping raise funds for Egyptian investors. The new hire helped move the company forward 500%, but the team also experienced the biggest culture clash ever.

From the first day, they were churning out results. At the same time, Honza had no weekends and found himself working 13 hour days. How did it turn out? 

Don't count on another worklife-balance-inspirational-bullshit lecture about how someone ended up hugging trees in the forest. Honza promises you won’t see this ending coming…

Honza Mayer

Honza started his career programming components for satellites before diving into data analytics and Power BI training. Honza has extensive experience in running a profitable ecommerce company from Dataweps, a firm he founded and led for many years until its successful exit last year. He now works for HeurekaGroup, the company that acquired Dataweps, where he works as the Manage Director of the CZ/SK market.


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