Why your website needs a Continuous SEO Process

Steven van Vessum Steven van Vessum nl Chief Customer Officer at ContentKing


The sheer amount of issues impacting the SEO performance of websites is mind boggling, especially when you’re working on websites with a team of people from different companies. A lot of the issues go unnoticed for the team, but not for search engines and visitors.

This has a direct impact on the bottom line. To make matters even worse: it could have been prevented. There is no need for so many things to go wrong when the right processes and tools are in place.

During this talk Steven explains how YOU can make your SEO process run so much smoother, leading to an increased quality of service, a more efficient workflow and much happier clients.

Steven van Vessum

Steven van Vessum

Chief Customer Officer ContentKing

Steven has been doing SEO for over 10 years. He’s worked for large companies active in the energy sector and the financial sector, including the incredibly competitive mortgages and insurances markets. 

He’s been on both sides of the table: 3 years client side and 8 years of running a digital marketing agency. All of this knowledge and expertise culminated when he co-­founded ContentKing, a Content Monitoring and Optimization service.

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