Embracing performance in today’s multi-platform macrocosm

“Let's make performance optimization and automation a fun piece of your multi-platform development cycle”

Design Hall 45 min

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  • What is the talk about?

    Barbara: With over 5 million pages, CBC.ca is one of Canada’s largest web properties. As the national Canadian broadcaster, in an ever changing world of news, CBC’s multi-platform development is focused on delivering content to millions of Canadians daily on any platform they choose - at any time and any place they want. CBC's decision to go hybrid has helped facilitate fast turn-around times in mobile development and multi-platform delivery.

    This session will discuss the challenges and best practices regarding our hybrid app development and the integration of multiple content management systems with several content areas. The importance of focusing on performance during design and development, and placing great emphasize on setting performance budgets will also be discussed during this session.

    Performance optimization and automation are key components for delivering fast web app experiences, therefore, developing web apps without embracing performance, will not get you anywhere. Key learning objectives of this session, include: a better understanding of what to look out for when delivering content to your audience, no matter what platform or device they choose, as well as why you should enforce performance as part of your product, design and development life cycle.

  • Who is it for?

    Barbara: Mobile and web product managers, content strategist as well as web & native developers. Anybody who breaths mobile or wants to learn more about mobile.

  • What will the audience get from it?

    Barbara: A better understanding of
    * multi-platform development
    * hybrid web apps and mobile native apps
    * the important of web performance as part of the design and development process of web sites and apps
    * how to measure and evaluate performance
    * automation of performance as parto fo the deployment process

  • What do you presently work at?

    Barbara: Hybrid framework, performance standards and optimization

  • Which of your existing achievements do you value the most?

    Barbara: Building and architecting mobile experiences for millions of users.

  • What would you like to achieve?

    - Playing the best part (I can) in the mobile performance movement
    - Fighting against 3rd party monsters
    - Scooter licence

  • What do you look forward to at the WebExpo?

    Barbara: Connecting with like-minded and exploring how developers from all over the world united can share knowledge.

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Barbara Bermes

Senior Architect, Mobile Web & Performance Canadian Broadcasting Corporation