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Zsuzsa Kovács

Zsuzsa Kovács

Product Manager, former UX Research Lead



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15:00 - 15:40
Lucerna Great Hall

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The Problems in Your Head - How Cognitive Biases Affect Your Research

A research project can go sideways fast, and we all know how bad methods can affect the results. But even when you do everything perfectly, your brain can still trick you in a lot of creative ways.

In this talk, Zsuzsa will introduce you to many biases, effects, cognitive errors, and paradoxes that can alter your reality and spoil your research project. She’ll walk you through the entire process, and show you how these affect your participant selection, defining the problem, framing your hypotheses, researcher and participant behaviour, analysing the results… but also your everyday life. 

Zsuzsa Kovács

Zsuzsa is a Product Manager at Prezi, but a UX Researcher at heart.

She has worked in UX since 2008 and tried many different roles around building products, but her main focus was always on how to involve users in the process early on and keep them close. She enjoys talking to people, seeing products through their eyes, and understanding their points of view. She is interested in psychology, especially areas that affect UX research. She is also a co-organiser of the Amuse UX Conference.


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