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The product department did what?! How to evaluate a launch for 100 million worldwide users

  • Dean Brabec

    Dean Brabec
    UX Research Lead Livesport
  • Jan Decker

    Jan Decker
    UX Design Lead Livesport


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14:00 - 14:20
Marble Hall

Talk Focus


The product department did what?! How to evaluate a launch for 100 million worldwide users

NOTE: Live Q&A will take place here.

Imagine releasing a feature for tens of millions of users and just praying it will work out. You use your own app, so you know how it works. It's totally obvious, right? This is precisely where Livesport found themselves two years ago. User research? What's that?

In 2021, Livesport released a feature affecting tens of millions of sports fans around the world. The outcome? A shitstorm flying in from users on all communication channels. What did the product department do about it? Asked marketing to deal with the feedback, of course. Could it affect the whole business? Was the feedback even relevant? No one knew, but everyone seemed to have an opinion.

This February, the team released a complete redesign of all their products, which affected 100 million users. What did they do this time to avoid the same situation? How did they ensure buy-in from stakeholders for a user-centric way of assessment? How did they evaluate this launch so the product team didn’t have to go into hiding again?

Get a sneak peek of the methodology and model they developed, the Livesport Hexagon. Stay tuned!

Dean Brabec

Dean works as a UX researcher who likes to combine data analytics with user research. He loves when the product is built in a user-centric way with a focus on the real needs of the users. At Livesport, he has created segmentation for 100 million users and developed his own comprehensive evaluation methodology for new features. On top of that, he works on projects in the field of cryptocurrencies and stock trading, where he collaborates externally on several projects as a UX Consultant. Last but not least, he has studied UX and the development of digital concepts in Denmark and England.

Jan Decker

Jan is a UX designer with more than 10 years of experience. He started designing and creating digital products very early on in his career and went on to become a founder of a digital agency where he worked with clients such as Coca-cola, Twisto, and Novartis. As a volunteer, he worked with Google and the Bator Tábor Foundation. For the last two years, he has been working for Livesport where he has designed products for more than 100 million users worldwide.


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