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Tomás Escobar

Tomás Escobar

CEO & Founder

The Chatbot Academy


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10:10 - 10:50
Marble Hall

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The magic combo, Chat marketing, and mobile wallets for loyalty programs

The use of Instagram as a business showcase is the trend nowadays. Together with automation, it has made chat marketing one of the most successful marketing strategies at the moment. The main focus has been on creating content, collecting followers, and trying to sell to them. But is all this effort worth it?

The combination of chat marketing and mobile wallets is the perfect scheme to improve what makes the difference between a business and a successful business: customer loyalty. Thanks to this system, it’s possible to extend the quality and quantity of customer purchases. Even better, it works just as well for offline business as it does online.

Tomás Escobar

Tomás studied industrial engineering and electronic engineering. After living in China (the world leader of the chat industry) where he had the opportunity to initiate himself in the incredible world of chat marketing and chatbots, he headed back to Europe and founded The Chatbot Academy. The goal of Chatbot Academy is to experiment and teach anything and everything related to bots and chat marketing. Tomás is enthusiastic and passionate—putting love and heart into everything he does.


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