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Mentor Hour

  • Eva Pavlíková

    Eva Pavlíková
    CEO Česko.Digital
  • Anh Phung

    Anh Phung
    Product Manager Productboard
  • Jan Tlapák

    Jan Tlapák
    CEO & CTO Ecomail


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15:00 - 16:40
Lucerna Passage

Mentor Hour

Meet the minds behind the successful projects/companies and get advice from people who’ve done it all before. Mentors' hours connect WebExpo attendees with established experts to help solve problems, get new ideas, and much more.

Our mentors are happy to help with:

Eva: #SocialImpact #SystemChange #Communities #ValueBased #Leadership #NonProfit

Anh: #ProductManagement #ProductDiscovery #ScrumDelivery

Jan: #Serverless #AWS #SaaS #Scaling

Eva Pavlíková

Eva is the co-founder and current director of Česko.Digital, a community of expert volunteers that has implemented dozens of technical projects since its founding in 2019. Over the last 20 years, she has worked in project manager roles in telecommunications and retail. As a visionary and strategist, she aims to incorporate collaboration and innovation into all of her projects to help drive change, in addition to reaching her goals. Currently, Eva is actively driving digital government projects. Last, but not least, she is a mother of two lovely boys, who enjoys listening to classical music and practicing yoga.

Anh Phung

Anh Phung is a Product Manager at Productboard. Anh focuses on enabling the collaboration of product teams and their stakeholders inside of Productboard. Anh also worked on building the first permissions and Reporting functionality in Productboard. Prior to joining Productboard, he worked in London for five years, where he started his journey at a startup company before moving to a digital agency.

Jan Tlapák

Jan Tlapák is founder and lead developer of the SaaS marketing platform Ecomail which specialises in communication with customers using email, SMS, and Facebook. Ecomail is a leader on the CZ/SK market and operates worldwide. 

Jan developed Ecomail entirely in the cloud and has been leading its development for eight years. He is most experienced in Serverless architecture (primarily on the AWS platform using DynamoDB and Lambda), scaling, and UX.

Eva Pavlíková, Karel Minařík
Marble Hall
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