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Mentor Hour

  • Jan Veselý

    Jan Veselý
    Head of Innovation Laboratory Charles University
  • Viktorie Vitova

    Viktorie Vitova
    Product Engineering Senior Analyst Accenture Song
  • Raman Zherdzeu

    Raman Zherdzeu
    Frontend Engineer Epam


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11:00 - 12:40
Lucerna Passage

Mentor Hour

Meet the minds behind the successful projects/companies and get advice from people who’ve done it all before. Mentors' hours connect WebExpo attendees with established experts to help solve problems, get new ideas, and much more.

Our mentors are happy to help with:

Viktorie: #BackendTesting #FrontendTesting #TestAutomation #ProjectProcesses #QA #QAaudit #QAmentoring

Jan: #Innovation #Education #Impact #LeanStartup #LeanCanvas

Raman: #Accessibility #Angular #UX #Monorepo

Jan Veselý

Jan Veselý leads the Innovation Laboratory at Hybernská Campus (Charles University) and runs Leaders' Gym at Slevomat. He is a founder of EduFórum, a member of Red Button’s business ecosystem, and a co-founder of Changemakers Czech Republic. In the past, he also developed several acceleration programs for social innovation (Vodafone Foundation Laboratory), led the Smarter University program in IBM, and coordinated the Alliance for YOUth (CZ).

Viktorie Vitova

Viktorie is QA. She specialises in QA audits, creating testing processes from scratch, and setting up testing processes based on client needs. During her career, she’s had the opportunity to work for a wide range of clients, from startups to big corporates.

Raman Zherdzeu

Raman is a frontend engineer with 6 years of experience and deep Angular expertise. He focuses on high-level accessibility, semantic markup and exceptional UX.


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