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Marina Petrakova

Marina Petrakova

Founder and CEO



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13:00 - 13:40
Lucerna Great Hall

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VR and Data: How to create a solution that connects

Technology is becoming more accessible not only for consumer needs but also for innovators' needs. The human experience in healthcare aims to increase well-being, but what do we know about tools being used to manage health? When it comes to healthcare innovation, there is a need to highlight the way VR and data can provide access to actual services but also accelerate the invention of products and new experiences that turn conventional understanding on its head. Come learn the how, why, and when of using VR and data to empower communities and help kids connect.

Marina Petrakova

Marina is the founder and CEO of health startup VREACH — “Duolingo” for autism — which uses virtual reality and data to reach children and empower practitioners and the whole community to access and create a new paradigm of skills learning. An innovator by heart, she has, together with her team, created the first and the only remote VR therapy in Europe. Marina spent six years inspiring and educating women in technology for six years, building the community of TechGirls. She then decided to start her own company, raise funds, and dive into the VC world. You can find her on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. 


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