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Jan Řežáb

Jan Řežáb

Founder & CEO

Time is Ltd.


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15:20 - 15:40
Marble Hall

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Co-owning a Startup: A crash course on stock options for tech and startup teams

Stock Options are a critical thing for employees as owning a piece of a company can turn you into a multi-millionaire. Why is it important to own a part of the company, what questions should you ask, and how do you distinguish a good offer depending on the company’s stage and your role?

Are you getting a good deal from your company by combining cash and stock? How do you get good stock when joining a company early? Join Jan’s talk to find out. 

Jan Řežáb

A serial entrepreneur for 19 years, Jan is also the founder and CEO of Time is Ltd., which is the world's leading employee engagement experience and engagement SaaS company. Prior to Time is Ltd., Jan was the CEO and Founder of Socialbakers (now Emplifi), which had a successful exit to Audax Private Equity in late 2020. He is also an investor and entrepreneur involved in projects ranging from driving the future of work and sustainable mobility to improving air quality.


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