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Kristina Volná

Kristina Volná

Internet Producer and Game Designer

Česká televize


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14:20 - 14:40
Marble Hall

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How to make a game from Večerníček

What are the specifics of creating interactive projects related to television production for kids? What ties the creators' hands and what are the advantages? What exactly is public value and how important is it? Do children really learn from computer games, or do parents just like to think they do? (Večerníček is a seven-minutes long bedtime story broadcast every day on CT. Since the format of the show has not changed for decades, it has become a part of Czech culture.)

Kristina Volná

Since 2013, Kristina Volná has been working as an internet producer and game designer at Czech TV‘s New Media Development department ( and She is mostly interested in the development of educational games for children, their use in formal and informal education, and their motivational and learning effects. Her main goal is to ensure that Czech Television fulfills its public service role towards children.


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