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Matěj Malecha

Matěj Malecha

Service Designer



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14:25 - 15:55
Marble Hall

Workshop Focus


How to kick start your organisation’s progress towards sustainability in 90 minutes

NOTE: In-Person Workshop: Maximum capacity of 30 people (the registration is on first come, first served basis). Other conference attendees are welcome to quietly watch the workshop.

What should your company do to become sustainable? As a first step, prioritise. Matěj has created a workshop that shows you how to do just that. In two hours and without the need for vast amounts of data, you too can discover the key areas to focus on in yoru sustainable strategy. 

The best part? He’s made everything you need to run the workshop freely available. 

Come learn how to run this workshop in your own organisation.

Matěj Malecha

Matěj and his colleagues at Pábení are service designers who specialise in creating projects with sustainable business models that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Pábení works with commercial companies as well as NGOs and governmental agencies, encouraging them to adopt sustainable principles. Their design approach is centred around rapid iterations and participation from as many stakeholders as possible.


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