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Veronika Mourková

Veronika Mourková

Delivery Manager



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11:00 - 11:20
Marble Hall

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Have big and exciting projects but lack team motivation and capacity? Here are the pitfalls to avoid

NOTE: Live Q&A will take place here.

Dual-track agile means running discovery (UX) as an appetiser, delivery as a main dish, and finishing everything off with a sweet dessert—the project launch. This all requires setting up Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) per quarter, prioritising with a narrow focus, but still having to deal with lots of distractions that can keep teams from focusing on a single priority. Coupled with a remote environment, it can increase frustration and completely demotivate your team.

The role of a delivery manager comes in handy for creating a connection while also being a member of several development teams. So, how can you prevent inefficient flow and still deliver as planned? Make sure to join Veronika’s talk to learn the answer. 

Veronika Mourková

Veronika started in Adidas on the business side before switching to the IT department as a scrum master and project manager. She did the same at DigitalEgg before getting a delivery management role in LMC for dev teams. Of course, she also has many hobbies to make sure she gets some balance :). 

She has learned over time how many teams work differently and agility does not always work the same for every company. Her experience has allowed her to focus on helping teams become autonomous with the support of connecting teams and reaching as narrow a focus as possible to create better flows. This is not a task for a single role, but requires everyone to work together—and this teamwork represents everything she stands for.


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