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Robert Fujdiar

Robert Fujdiar

Scrum Master


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11:20 - 11:40
Marble Hall

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Growing up: How a small team scales agility

What happens when a small team is faced with a big change in the complexity of a problem they solve every day?

Come listen to a case study about how a team was tasked with taking a “PDF-only” user manual for a complex product and turning it into a book. With the world more connected than ever, they were faced with having to adapt new complexity and all the fast-paced change it brings—infotainment, mobile apps, web presentation, and more. All of which need to be managed and led by the same time.

What changes led to a growing team and empowered individuals? What consequences can you face if you start being truly transparent? And how can networking help your team to achieve its goals? This case study is a different take on scaling, agility, growing teams, and transparency.

Robert Fujdiar

Scrum master and trainer by day, father of two by night. Robert fights the safety of waterfall with Lean and Agile principles. Raised by the mythical gods of Scrum on the mountains of TPS systems, he’s ready to help agile heroes everywhere take on their biggest challenges.

Robert focuses on team leadership, company and team structure, and environment agility. He is an ALH-certified trainer, experienced in providing training in scrum, agility, and Agile Lean Leadership (ALL).


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