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Michal Sänger

Michal Sänger

Principal Engineer



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14:00 - 14:40
Lucerna Cinema

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GraphQL at Scale

What do you do when your company has successfully deployed GraphQL to a team or two and now wants to scale it to the whole company? How do you manage tens or hundreds of engineers contributing to the schema? And what happens if the codebase becomes too big to handle? We all reach a point where the most basic way of deploying GraphQL is no longer enough, and we need to start thinking about further scaling.

During this talk, Michal will show you how Pipedrive scales GraphQL and share their unique approach. He’ll show you how they’re building the GraphQL backend by generating code from config, their service architecture, and how they use GraphQL in their React application.

Michal Sänger

As a Principal Engineer at Pipedrive, Michal’s job is to establish GraphQL as the primary technology for fetching data in Pipedrive’s SaaS CRM. At the end of the journey, over 300 engineers will eventually use GraphQL on a daily basis.

Outside of work, Michal’s biggest passion is food. You can find his thoughts about food on his blog at and on Instagram at @michalsanger.


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