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Martina Mitz

Martina Mitz

UX Psychologist, Strategist and Designer


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12:00 - 12:40
Lucerna Great Hall

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Diagnosis: UX Charlatans - How to spot them quickly and stop wasting time, money, and nerves

The demand for UX experts is exponentially growing,  making it one of the most well-paid jobs on the market. Unfortunately, these factors have also attracted many amateurs and fake representatives of the discipline, which can be very damaging to young professionals, but also to business and project owners alike.

Having had the (dis)pleasure to meet and work alongside some highly promoted UX charlatans over the past decade, Martina started spotting their patterns and systematically untangled their profiles. In this talk, she will share the nine symptoms to watch out for to avoid this UX diagnosis.

Martina Mitz

Martina started as a self-taught web designer in the late 90s. From the very beginning, her approach was user-centred despite not being familiar with the now-common phrase of ‘User Experience’. In 2007, she completed her degree in psychology and began working in the field of clinical psychology. It was at this point that Martina’s academic background and her passion came together and she launched her career as a UX designer.. Since then, Martina has contributed to the digital and service ecosystems of many recognizable companies (e.g. eBay, PayPal, Emirates Airlines, Volkswagen, Telekom, and many more). She has also helped startups across Europe, forming and driving their research as well as contributing to their product or service strategy.


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