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Antonín Kučera

Antonín Kučera

Head of Business Intelligence



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11:00 - 11:20
Lucerna Cinema

Talk Focus


Being data-informed, not data-driven

What does it truly mean to be data-informed? What pitfalls and challenges do you have to overcome on this journey? What works and what doesn’t? And what does it really take to deliver business when you have over 500 TB of data? 

In this talk, you’ll hear about Livesport’s journey to build a Business Intelligence team and data-informed company. Antonín will share what concepts like data discovery, data observability, data governance, and data literacy mean and how to actually implement them.

Antonín Kučera

Antonín joined Livesport in 2015 as a web analyst. After four years, he became team leader of the data & analytics team and he currently works as a Head of Business Intelligence, leading the creation of a new BI architecture within the company. He would love to automate everything. What he enjoys most is the combination of data and business, especially how to apply data in practice.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and occasionally plays football and rides a bicycle. Recently, he has been interested in the use of data not only in business but also in sports—especially football.


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