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Tribes and Missions: Long term growth with happy teams

FRI 20.9.
15:00 - 15:40
Lucerna Music Bar

Large or small team, finding balance between time spent on new development and maintenance of the existing code is increasingly hard over time. If the company does not adapt while growing, it can easily lead to stall development, fights between departments, business slowing down and key people leaving the company, sometimes in massive waves. Based on our experience and some trial and error, I’ll show you what works now and what enables Pipedrive to grow rapidly as a product and as an organisation in 4 different locations.

Tomáš Řehoř


Engineering Manager @ Pipedrive

Tomáš is an experienced software engineering manager who loves working on strong and global products and continuously improve ways how software is being developed. He has worked for Skype and Microsoft for more than 10 years both in Prague and Palo Alto and now he’s building a development centre in Prague for another Estonian company - Pipedrive.