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The Greatest Showmen and their tricks - Digital security for you and your mum

FRI 20.9.
14:00 - 14:40
ABC Theatre

We're interconnected in person and with machines more than ever.  Social media, smart phones, internet banking, artificial intelligence and now voice interactions.  If you had told someone in the 1980s that you’re willing to put intelligent microphones into your home to listen to everything you say, people would have thought you’re mad. Or from the Stasi, KGB or CIA.  

Now we pay companies money to do just that.

In the age of intelligent voice assistants, our digital security and identity is more important than ever.

The problem is that traditional digital security with usernames and passwords is … well … crap. Who the hell can remember a 16 character something with an upper case, lower case, special and numeric character? No one!

2Factor Authentication has the potential to make things worse, but also better.

And yet, the real challenge isn’t so much sophisticated criminals getting into the systems that hold our data, but rather users often voluntarily give access / send money to them.

This talk will explore the human side of digital security, how sophisticated fraudsters don’t hack us, but we hack ourselves and what we can do to protect ourselves and our users. 

Philip Bonhard

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Head of Customer Experience - Fraud & Security @ Lloyds Banking Group

Philip Bonhard is the Head of Customer Experience for Digital Security, Authentication and Identity at Lloyds Banking Group. Prior to joining Lloyds, he worked in academia, big consulting firms and ran his own design agency.  He holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from University College London.
Most importantly he's passionate about designing products / services that make people's lives better.  Other than that he likes to build stuff for his two daughters and tinker with his raspberry pie / arduino boards with the occasional Lego thrown in.