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Surgical UX: Information design for visualisation systems in surgery

SAT 21.9.
15:00 - 15:40
Lucerna Great Hall

Advances in digital technologies have enhanced the capabilities of surgical practitioners in significant ways. With each advance, the relationship between human operators and digital assistants becomes ever more inter-dependent and intertwined.

Tim worked closely with product developers and surgical practitioners to understand the opportunities for enhancing the patient and surgeon experience. Through in-theatre observations during operations and interviews with surgeons, radiographers and support staff, he used principles of user-centred design to optimise the overlay and data visualisation system in the context of the operating theatre.
Join us for a session that discusses how we can apply solid experience design methods in new environments by learning new nomenclatures, taxonomies and relationships to make sense of human interactions in extraordinary contexts.

Tim Caynes

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Principal Designer @ Foolproof

Tim is a Principal Designer at Foolproof, meaning that he’s responsible for the integrity of the thinking behind Foolproof’s experience design practice. Tim works closely with design, strategy and insight teams, and with business stakeholders and third parties, to create evidence-based designs for global brands such as Sage, Simply Health, Coke, Apple, Sky, HSBC and Shell. As principal designer, he is focused on understanding user needs and behaviours, contexts of use, and interactions with information systems, to do smart things for good people.