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Modern Data Security with MySQL 8.0

SAT 21.9.
14:00 - 14:40
ABC Theatre

Security landscape has been a constantly and rapidly changing scenario in the last decades. Threats have evolved from targeting services' availability to targeting data and data integrity. Therefore, now more than ever, data protection becomes critical and needs an in-depth approach which starts from the databes. Learn more about what MySQL has to offer to help you put in place security best practices to start protecting your data straight from the database!

Vittorio Cioe


Sr. Sales Consultant @ Oracle

Vittorio spent now almost a decade working for some of the leading technology companies of the globe, focusing on multiple aspects of the technology business.
He has been working in the past with infrastructure and application layer security, but also with middleware and web-performance for companies like Symantec, Akamai, CA Technologies.
His long-lasting passion for open-source and for database technologies brought him to Oracle working with MySQL, the leading open source database in the market.