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Make healthcare affordable and accessible using tech and AI

SAT 21.9.
16:00 - 16:40
Lucerna Cinema

At Babylon Health, our mission is to leverage technology and Artificial Intelligence to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone on earth. In this talk, Anna will share case studies that illustrate product strategy and design challenges we face and how we’ve tackled them. The case studies will touch on topics like: doing user research on personal and sensitive health topics; how to approach designing a healthcare chatbot; and how to conduct fast-paced user research in a highly regulated domain.

The talk will be helpful to anyone interested in health-tech or, more generally, in taking traditional, expensive services and products and scaling them using technology and Artificial Intelligence. It will also be helpful to folks working in fast-paced orgs and/or companies establishing new markets, as there will be lessons on how to manage risk and ambiguity at speed.

Anna Zawilska

Web Linkedin

Lead User Researcher @ Babylon Health

Prior to being hired as the first User Researcher at Babylon Health over 2 years ago, I worked as a Product Manager at a number of high-growth London startups. Before that, I completed a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Oxford. In a past life, I was also an electronic engineer. My speciality and passion is in user research approaches, programs, and methods for high-growth fast-paced tech companies establishing new markets. It sounds cheesy, but I’m truly passionate about helping solve some of society’s most challenging but important problems to create a more equal and prosperous world for all.