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Latte: A next-generation template system

FRI 20.9.
12:20 - 12:40
Lucerna Cinema

Latte is an immensely powerful, next generation template engine for PHP which puts security, high performance, and ease of development at the forefront of its priorities. For all dynamic content, it automatically infers the appropriate escaping strategy based on the surrounding context, thereby avoiding reliance on any hand-coded ambient parameters, leaving little space for human error, and providing completely effortless XSS deflection. Its intuitive syntax and semantics closely mirror those of PHP, making them familiar to and easy to learn for PHP developers.

In this talk, David will introduce you to the wonders of writing templates with Latte and illustrate how it will make your life easier once you start using it and how it differs from other templating engines.

David Grudl

Twitter Linkedin Github

Founder and Creative Developer @ Nette Foundation

David is a writer of programs, blogs, and who knows what else. He also created the popular open source projects Nette Framework, the database library Dibi, and many others. He started out in the DOS era, but now focuses exclusively on PHP web applications. When he’s not spending time on programming, he writes the blog La Trine and phpFashion, leads web development workshops, or runs Spartan Races.