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JavaScript - The best language for your MVP

FRI 20.9.
13:00 - 13:40
ABC Theatre

Limited time, limited budget - that's what you deal with when developing a startup idea from scratch. But in the end, you need to present a high-quality output that will help the startup succeed. We pride ourselves in delivering an MVP in 3-4 months and we had to assemble our stack to make this possible.

I'll show you why we chose an all JavaScript stack (Node.js, React, React Native, Typescript, Apollo, GraphQL) to develop quickly. I'll share details about tools and libraries, dead-ends and the experience we gathered over the last 2 years.

Karol Danko

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Karol Danko is the CTO of the LA/Prague based digital agency OAK'S LAB, which specializes in idea-to-MVP development. In the past, he was a key member in the Livesport team, developing long-running, high-performance applications, then switching to a fast-paced startup world building and advising early-stage startups.