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IoT and Angular

FRI 20.9.
12:20 - 12:40
Lucerna Music Bar

We’ll look at how we at Spaceti develop a web dashboard in Angular to build the internet of things and digitalize buildings based on real-time maps and data. We’ll talk about the hardware deployment process using the dashboard and our custom editor. You’ll learn about the editor’s intricacies and how it helps digitize buildings. We’ll also look at how we process and display real-time data from hardware devices, which is related to the outputs we can provide from the datasets and how those results can be used to provide benefits.

Petr Nikolas

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Front-End Developer & Teamlead @ Spaceti

Petr Nikolas works as a front-end developer and team leader at Spaceti where he usually works with Angular. Petr has written several articles published on Medium about issues in IT. He’s a specialist in creating modern websites and web applications with a focus on interactivity and a modern design. It’s also noteworthy that Petr works with Open Source tools where he wants to develop his own Open Source projects.