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How to win the hearts of your new users

FRI 20.9.
15:00 - 15:40
Lucerna Cinema

Today it’s easier than ever to reach a huge crowd of people with our product. We hear more and more about apps that reach a million downloads in just a few days! But what happens to all those users after a few months? In the age of free apps and “no-credit-card-needed” product trials it’s pretty easy to get people to give a new product a try, but how do we make those people stick around?

This talk will focus on your new users’ experience, why it’s so crucial for the growth of your business and practical tools that will help you design it to bring much more of your new users to experience value from your product and become your loyal customers.

Inna Kerzman


User-centered Growth Expert, Co-founder @ Retention

Inna Kerzman is a multidisciplinary experience designer, specializing in customer retention. Since her marketplace development role at, Inna learned that new users’ behavior varies significantly from recurring users’. And the experience new users have with the product early on can predict if they’re going to stick around. Today Inna helps other rapidly growing startups craft user onboarding and activation flows that convert new users into happy and loyal customers. Inna advocates for customer retention through great new user experience in various speaking events and on the Retention Design Medium blog.