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How to prepare for cognitive automation explosion in 2020!

SAT 21.9.
11:20 - 11:40
Lucerna Music Bar

Expect the best, prepare for the worst in following areas:

Silent speech in social media becomes key analysed source
Emotion diagnostics will help and kill marketing strategies
Digital security goes on steroids by blockchain
Screen interface changes to surface interface. Voice+Touch+Surface = Surface Interface
Cognitive chatbots will finally replace helpdesk and backoffice
Age of singularity approaches much sooner than you may expect

Lubor Fedák


Consultant @ Aardwark

Coach, Author and Intrapreneur in Aardwark and IBM.

Moderator and Speaker on Global Leadership and Business conferences for AI influence on business models.

Collaborator on business studies with 2 World Class Influencers from Thinkers50 (James Colins and Liz Wiseman).

Software robotics evangelist and architect of enterprise solutions for Intelligent Automation adoptions.