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How to Master Social Selling for your brand and business

SAT 21.9.
16:00 - 16:40
ABC Theatre

Social selling, we hear it, but how do we effectively do it? Does this mean becoming an "influencer"? Does social selling take place of B2B or B2C sales? There are many questions and variations of social selling, which is not simply, advertising on social media. Social selling is about providing value to your networks and creating a message that stands out amongst the noise. People want to be sold to not at, and social selling helps set you, your brand, and product out but creating value and purpose. Tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Taboola, and Outbrain allow you to maximize social selling and stand out in today's global market.

Riverview Building (6th floor), Svornosti 2, Prague 5

Robert Napoli

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Principal @ Hapday Group and Founder @ Rise Up Coaching LLC

Startup strategist, business coach, and speaker based in Brooklyn, NYC. Originally from the Midwest, my journey has taken me from my hometown in Kansas City, Missouri to New York City by way of Milan, Italy. My career started in recruitment in the Technology sector in the Midwest with Fortune 500 and Forbes 100 companies. After five years, I moved to Milan to pursue a Masters in International Multi-Channel Marketing, where I also spent two years working for a global e-commerce startup. I moved to New York two years ago to work for one of the largest global recruitment agencies and since then have had some incredible stops. I bring over nine years of experience in sales, marketing, and talent acquisition and am very active as a startup coach for several accelerators in New York City specializing in helping US and non-US companies. I am passionate about startups, sales, and where to find the best whiskey bar in Manhattan.