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How to Build a Hardware Product From Scratch

FRI 20.9.
11:20 - 11:40
Lucerna Cinema Small Hall

Building a hardware company is extremely difficult. There are no second chances. A tiny mistake in design, factory selection, or quality control could mean the difference between success and bankruptcy. In this talk, Miro Perina will share what the hardware development process looks like, discussing the key steps from initial idea to mass production.

Miroslav Peřina

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Founder & CEO @ XTND

Miro Perina is the founder & CEO at XTND. He's an entrepreneur and visionary who is transforming the mobility industry. Miro has advanced sales and business management experience from Silicon Valley. A technology and design enthusiast, he's passionate about creating revolutionary, disruptive products. Miro is also known for his unstoppable perseverance and disciplined work ethic.