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Future in a tech-driven society - digital skills development trends

SAT 21.9.
15:20 - 15:40
ABC Theatre

In order to survive and thrive in current tech-driven society, all of us need to be as comfortable and confident navigating a wide range of tech platforms as we can. What are the current trends in digital skills development of kids and students? In makeITtoday, we believe that knowledge of programming gives kids and students a well-rounded understanding of how the world they live in really works and help them to become creators, passionate inventors and prepare them to become future innovators and leaders.

Ondřej Vošta


Chief Learning Officer @ makeITtoday

Empowering kids&youth to be innovative leaders in 21st century. Ondrej is an experienced software developer, entrepreneur, and educator. He is leading the effort to create new and engaging ways to empower kids&youth to understand the digital world around them and use new technologies for self-expression, fulfillment and yet undiscovered opportunities.