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Extending the biosphere and datasphere to space

SAT 21.9.
11:00 - 11:40
ABC Theatre

We live in exciting times as we start extending our biosphere across the Solar System. It will involve evolutionary steps in many aspects of our lives and our culture. This talk will cover several topics ranging from space architecture and living in space, to the possibilities of an interplanetary Internet. We will discuss how future homes both on Earth and in space can benefit from new user interfaces, IoT, augmented reality, biotech, and robotics.

Tomáš Rousek

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Space architect and designer @ XTEND DESIGN

Tomas Rousek is a space architect and designer. He founded XTEND DESIGN in London and A-ETC in Prague, and collaborated on missions to Moon, Mars and asteroid, and also developed SinterHab, first concept of a 3D-printed lunar module based on NASA technology. He collaborated with NASA JPL and clients such as Vodafone, Shell, Skoda and Mercedes-Benz. He also worked on architecture for Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, FIFA championship in Qatar and Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi. His designs were presented at 17 exhibitions in Europe and America and he won several awards (e.g. from NASA). His research involved sustainable architecture and transport, robotic construction, 3D printing, VR, digital design, artificial gravity and space tourism.