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English Copy: How One Word Can Cut Your Sales By 44%

FRI 20.9.
13:20 - 13:40
Lucerna Cinema Small Hall

One single, teensy-weensy grammatical mistake on a UK company's webpage once reduced their sales by 44%.

If one mistake can cut a British company's sales by almost half, imagine how "Czenglish" text might be holding your organization back.

Your homepage is often the first interaction your customer will have with you. If your text has glaring grammatical mistakes or just doesn't quite sound like it came from a native speaker, your customers are going to be far less likely to want to interact with you, let alone give you their hard-earned $$$.

Let's sit down and go over some do's and don'ts, common "Czenglish" mistakes, and how to fix them so that you can start reaching your audience more effectively.

Christopher Nosko

Web Linkedin

UX Copywriter @ Avast

Christopher Nosko is a native English copywriter from California who's been working remotely and traveling around the US and Europe for years.

Since discovering that beer money doesn't grow on trees, he's worked on US presidential campaigns, Disney/ABC TV shows, and with some of the brightest Czech tech startups out there.

He loves helping innovative Czech companies and startups like Keboola, Trezor (by SatoshiLabs), BSC (Banking Software Company), Fintech Cloud (by Erste Bank) and others appear more legitimate and trustworthy to their customers by improving their English copy.