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Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Premature Optimization of Your New Ecommerce Project

SAT 21.9.
12:00 - 12:40
Lucerna Music Bar

“Premature optimization is the root of all evil” - Donald Knuth

When we want to speed up our application, first we need to know the largest bottlenecks and the most critical features that must be optimized. In this talk, we’ll cover the story of a B2B online store with more than 500k items in stock we’ve built. We’ll talk about the architecture decisions, introduce Gatling tool for performance measuring, and what we did with the results. If we’d started with caching and micro-optimizations during the development, we might still be developing.

Petr Heinz

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Lead Developer & Architect @ Shopsys Framework

Petr was fascinated by computers and programming from an early age and started freelancing as a PHP programmer since 18 years old. Loves clean code, regular expressions, and clever design. In 2011 he joined Shopsys, built several e-commerce solutions since then and shared his experience on PHP conferences across Europe. He dedicated last years to developing the Shopsys Framework, open source e-commerce framework made with passion on Symfony 3.4.