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Don't do Personas. Start with understanding people

FRI 20.9.
13:00 - 13:40
Lucerna Cinema

Personas. A tool that supports our understanding of the people we design for. And yet, more than twenty years after their invention, one of the most misunderstood and misused ones.

By the end of my talk, you will understand when it makes sense to spend the effort to create them and when it is better to skip them. I’ll share what worked on my projects and the mistakes I made along the way. You’ll get tips on how to take your team on the journey with you.

If I am successful, you will come out of the talk wanting to learn more about personas and try them out on your next project the way Alan Cooper intended.

Petr Štědrý

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Lead UX Designer @ Pure Storage

Since discovering that UIs can be designed in 2005, he was on a quest to discover and learn what all this design is about. Spending most of his career as a member of in-house product design teams in GoodData or Hewlett-Packard he also helped to kick-start the UX competency in MSD – one of the largest international pharmaceutical companies. He is currently using his product experience to help clients as a lead UX designer at the 2FRESH agency.